Antares (α Scorpii A)

Antares is a Kodak Box Brownie, converted to a pinhole, shooting 620 roll film


The Brownie camera, introduced by Kodak in 1900, was the first to bring photography to the masses thanks to a cheap and simple design. It went through many variants over the years continuing to be made right up into the early 1980’s. As a result they can be found all over the world in second hand shops and markets, for very little money. Their simple design and construction makes them an idle base from which to create custom camera designs, with little of consequence lost if a modification goes wrong. The classic pinhole camera design is a simple box, so one of the earlier Box Brownie designs lends itself very nicely to becoming a pinhole camera. In theory it should not require much more than removing the lens and replacing it with a metal disc containing the pinhole.